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Continuity Group Asia specializes in corporate Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management in Hong Kong.

We can make your organization more agile and robust, by preparing for unexpected business interruptions and crisis situations.

Continuity Group  supports the Business Continuity community by organizing successful seminars and conferences, and we are the only Hong Kong based company providing professional Business Continuity training.

Crisis Management

Something crazy happens. You never expected that to happen. Obviously there is no plan for that. What now?
We love to help you to create a structure and train your team the skills to handle any crisis.

BC Program Management

You're always busy. You have demanding clients and/or a business to run. There's always a reason to postpone your continuity planning. Deep down you know it can go wrong.
We can help you with a professional program, ensuring plans are created and reviewed efficiently and effectively.

Awareness & Culture

A Crisis Plan or Business Continuity Plan is useful, but not if it sits idle in a drawer collecting dust.
We are passionate about developing awareness and changing attitudes, and have run campaigns in a wide range of different organisations

Analysis, Planning & implementation

Each organisation is different. Different business priorities, different assets, different risk appetite. Plans and solutions must be fit-for-purpose. Our consultants understand this.
We are really interested to understand your organisation, working together in meeting your needs, rather than simply using off-the-shelf standard documents

Test & Exercise

The proof of the pudding...
Will we discover any flaws during a test, or when all goes south?
This is our favourite topic. Whether these are simple practical talk-throughs, or full-blown crisis simulation exercises, we believe a test is the best way to assess your preparedness. The objective is not to have a flawless test outcome. Quite the opposite: the objective is to find issues and make mistakes, in a safe environment, so that when things happen, you know what (not) to do.

Review and audit

Do plans still comply with the latest standards, best practice and regulatory requirements? Are they still aligned with the business strategy? An audited plan can give your stakeholders additional peace of mind.
We can be the "external set of eyes" that assess your preparedness, surface any vulnerabilities, and advise you on mitigating actions. All strictly confidential, obviously. We're on your side!

Events and meetings

Join the community and learn from others

Continuity Group is proud to engage with the Business Continuity Community, and create a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas.

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"I recently attended the CBCI preparation course - run over an extended weekend - by ContinuityGroup Asia. As a risk professional focusing on physical security I had some prior knowledge of the BS 25999 process and approached the training with some initial skepticism. However I found the course interesting and illuminating, particularly in identifying the stages of the BIA process and referencing these to Client operations, as well as illustrating the practical output. I would definitely recommend the training to anyone seeking either to understand the theory of BCM, or as preparation to obtain a credential to underpin their current practice."
April 2016.
Damian Ryan

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