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The professional approach

Continuity Group Asia was founded in 2015 to organize seminars, conferences and training courses, and to provide consultancy services in the area of Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management (BCM).

Who Are We

A team of leading specialists in Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management.

  • Each of our trainers and consultants brings multiple decades of experience, covering a wide range of industries.
  • We understand what a crisis can do to your organisation.

Our Mission

Making the world more agile and robust.

  • Helping your organisation to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Contribute and develop BC and CM expertise, by organising certifying training courses, seminars and conferences.

What We Do

We help organisations prepare for unexpected events with:

  • Business Continuity Management: prepare plans and solutions to deal with interruptions
  • Crisis Management: The corporate response for when incidents go beyond what was planned for
  • Share expertise: Lectures, peer-group meetings and annual conference of BC professionals
  • Professional BC training

Our history

Our founder is Willem A. Hoekstra M MBA AFBCI BCCE, who has been responsible for Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management, working mainly in the financial industry for the past 20+ years. Based in Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong, his career includes ABN AMRO (10 years), Societe Generale (3 years) , and Nomura (7 years). More recently, he has established the BCM programs for a large hospitality and gaming group in Macau. As charity, he developed the contingency plan for GGHK who aim to organise a very large cultural and multi-sports event in Hong Kong.

In his career, he had to deal with many incidents, such as the 9-11 attacks, the Mumbai bombings, various infectious disease pandemics, riotous protests, exceptional typhoons, and the Fukushima Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear events. There were even more in-house incidents, such as the flooding of a global trading floor, datacenter outages and cyber attacks.

He has presented on BCM related topics at numerous conferences and seminars.

For many years, he was the chairman and driving force behind the Hong Kong Financial Services Business Continuity Management (HKFSBCM) Forum, and Leader of WISE2015 and WISE2017 – the first industry-wide Crisis Management Exercise for the financial industry in Hong Kong

Willem is also Chapter Leader of the BCI in Hong Kong.

Why choose us?

All of our consultants have earned their stripes with multiple decades of industry experience.

We like to impress with quality instead of  quantity. No one likes to read a 100+ page document, especially during a crisis. Let’s make pragmatic solutions that actually work.

We understand that every organisation is different, with different priorities and needs. No one-size-fits-all approach.

We are proud that our founder was awarded with a BCM Personality of the year award by the BCI, for lifetime achievements, already back in 2013.

Your time and money is precious. We’ll make your BCM project as efficient yet effective as possible. It will be visibly and measurable worth your while!

Although we have in-depth knowledge of GPG, ISO as well as authority-issued standards, we also know how to translate these into a useful solution for you.

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Meet the team

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Who we've worked with


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Presentations, seminars and other

Willem Hoekstra has contributed as expert speaker on BCM at many international conferences, including:

Expert speaker on BCM at international conferences:

  • BCI Education week webinar (2019)
  • Asia Risk & Resilience Conference, Singapore (2016, 2018, 2019)
  • Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (2019)
  • Zenith Bizness Conference Kuala Lumpur (2019)
  • RHB BCM meeting, Kuala Lumpur (2019)
  • French Macau Chamber of Commerce FMCC (2018)
  • OpRisk Conference Singapore (2018)
  • Securitex Hong Kong (2018)
  • BCI World Conference & Exhibition London (2017)
  • BCI Seminars Hong Kong (2017, 2018)
  • Hong Kong Business Continuity Conference HKBCC (2016, 2017, 2018)
  • OSAC meeting, American embassy Hong Kong (201?)
  • GRCCS BCI Conference KL Malaysia (2017)
  • IOSCO global meeting, hosted by HK-SFC, Hong Kong (2016)
  • Asia Emergency Management Conference Macau (2016 )
  • BCI Conference Hong Kong (2016)
  • Marcus Evans Annual Operational Risk Conference, Singapore (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • BCM-I World Continuity Congress, Bali Indonesia (2013), Manila Philippines (2014), Singapore (2011,
    2014), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (2010)
  • BCI Asia Business Continuity Seminar, Hong Kong (2013, 2015), Malacca Malaysia (2013), Kuala Lumpur
  • The OpRisk Practice, Singapore (2013)
  • Incisive Events, Operational Risk Asia Conference Singapore (2013, 2015)
  • Asian Securitex Conference 2012, Hong Kong (2012)
  • Asia Crisis & Security Group ACSG, Hong Kong (2011)
  • Marcus Evans CRO summit, Heiligendamm Germany (2008)
  • BCI annual Conference seminar, Amsterdam Netherlands. Key-note speaker. (2007)
  • Heliview & BCI conference on BCM, Utrecht Netherlands, (2007)
  • Marcus Evans BCM Conference Berlin (2006) , Frankfurt (2005), Amsterdam (2004)
  • Global Benchmarking Group annual conference on BCM, Barcelona Spain. (1995 & 1996)
  • International conference on Homeland Security conference, Brussels Belgium, (2006)

Non-speaker attendance of various BCM conferences, including:

  • BCI Global symposium, Brighton, UK (2008)
  • BCI BCM conference, Singapore (2007, 2008, 2011, 2015)
  • ICT summit, Marcus Evans, Montreux, Switzerland (2007)
  • Seminar on Security – South African embassy, The Hague, Netherlands (2006)
  • Seminar on Corporate Security, KPMG, Wassenaar, Netherlands (2006)
  • Seminar on BCM, KPMG, London (2006)
  • BCI Expo, London, (2005, 2006)