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Kick-start or boost your career with professional training and get certified. Get recognised. Book your place today and start studying to obtain a certification that’s recognised by organizations across the world.

Make sure your BCM team members are familiar with the latest standards and best practice. There is no one-good-way to implement BCM into your organisation. Every organisation is different and has to do what’s right for them.

Depending on background, for example in IT, Risk management, Compliance, Cyber security, Facility Management, Security, COO, HR or front-office, people often have very different ideas on what BCM is or should be, and how to approach it. Being BCM-certified assures a broader view and familiarity with standard and good practices, so that you can then make a well-informed decision on how to best manage BCM in your organisation.

Our senior trainers are not only certified themselves, but also have decades of professional practical experience, working in a variety of organisations.

Professional Competency

A BCM credential is an assurance that professionals have the full knowledge and understanding of the theory of global good practice BC.

Employer Recognition

A credential is internationally respected and gives you a professional edge with employers around the world. Employers also have the added benefit of having certified practitioners which can help towards achieving alignment or certification to ISO 22301, or to demonstrate enhanced levels of resilience which can give them the edge over their competition or help them to meet industry regulations.

Professional Status

Completing the course will support your professional status.

Business Continuity
Professional training


Our own, bespoke 3 – 5 days training course is based on the most current international standards for Business Continuity, as promoted by the various leading global institutes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and is aligned to ISO22301.

This course is ideally suited to BCM Practitioners and aspiring individuals who intend to take BCM as a career, or those in adjacent areas of expertise. The course requires no specific level of prior knowledge or pre-training, however, passing an exam will require dedication and commitment from the candidates to study, learn and engage in discussions.

Although the course is developed to meet the technical and professional needs of BC and resilience professionals working in organisation of any type and size, in any industry or sector worldwide, the benefit of an in-house course is that we can focus on specific examples more relevant to the industry in which you operate.  

Over the years, Continuity Group has delivered several successful training programs as certified training partner of the BCI, with an exceptional track record of passing rate. Yet, we no longer believe in one-size-fits-all, and we have decided to continue independently from any specific institute, allowing us to developed our own, more flexible and superior training program. Our trainers are experienced and well-qualified to bring your team through any qualifying exam.

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